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electronic-components-on-schematic-drawings-xsTo enable organizations to successfully achieve global presence, Alphatrad Worldwide’s full range of software localization services (L10N) include the localization of software applications and products documentation into over 100 languages.

Our process of software localization incorporates the adaptation of the user interface (UI dialogs), the technical documentation and the help file through specific workflows. We then amalgamate these workflows to ensure the greatest consistency within the final product while utilizing industry best practices, the latest computer-aided translation technology and software compilers.

While many companies seek to expand their business and provide software products for the worldwide market through localization, their localization attempts are sometimes met with frustration once the software is built: text is garbled, fonts are not as they should be, encoding of exotic languages does not look right, sentences are cut off, and in general, software builds may not work as designed.

Alphatrad Worldwide’s localization services focus on helping our customers to plan well ahead their localization efforts before a product release, taking into account the translation, testing, and regression that must occur to produce a quality product. We therefore advise our customers to develop a detailed test plan which is crucial for testing UI dialogs and functionality by using localization-friendly encoding of strings, performing pseudo-localization, leaving plenty of space for text expansion in other languages and providing ‘internationalization‘ support in their software (i18n) to enable dates, numbers, and other region-specific data such as currency to show up in a familiar and comfortable way to all users around the world.

Later, to ensure the precision of our localization services, Alphatrad Worldwide incorporates our comprehension of the local culture into our work. This requires a broad perspective which takes into account important and influential elements of the specific culture such as gender roles, local sensitivities, time zones and more. The end result is a localized product which appears to have been ‘home-grown‘ or developed within the local culture.

To enable organizations to successfully achieve global presence, Alphatrad Worldwide also offers globalization services which aim to transform local services and products into an end product that is global or international in nature. In this way, a sense of interconnectedness is created. Since translation has the ability to bring cultures together, globalization and translation are closely intertwined. It is on this basis that we ensure that our globalization services enrich the target languages and clearly convey our client’s message.

Let Alphatrad Worldwide assist you and your company to localize and globalize your content enabling your organization to create a successful and strong global presence today.

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