translation costs

A large US-based producer of medical equipment asked us to translate and update a wide range of their technical documentation and accompanying software on a continuous basis, as they make upgrades to the medical units they sell to Europe, Japan, China and other Asian countries.

During a period of several months and translating their technical literature from English into different languages, the cumulative outcome of Alphatrad Worldwide CAT tools has resulted in cutting the total text volume by over 40%. This resulted in a reduction from a total of 1.2 million to 720,000 words.

As Alphatrad Worldwide database of completed translations (translation memories) got bigger, the text decrease – and therefore the discounts offered to our customer – steadily increased. Additional requests from other branches of the same company are also currently benefiting from the considerable text decrease and quality enhancement through the use of our in-house translation database and glossaries developed for the parent company.

Key factors to the successful completion of this project:

  • Alphatrad Worldwide’s large team of professional and highly motivated technical translators and reviewers in all major languages so that the entire translation workflow is entirely handled by Alphatrad Worldwide, dropping products time to market in multiple languages and costs
  • Continuously maintained glossaries to leverage the available terminology across all documentation, offering greater consistency
  • Whole text extraction process and replacement into original format is carried out automatically to retain the original formatting, requiring only a small amount of layout/editing time
  • Alphatrad Worldwide commitment to provide affordable and high quality translation services and solutions to meet customers’ translation demands and requirements.