Localization and Translation

A leading worldwide software developer required the localization of a critical ERP package into 7 languages within 8 weeks together with the translation of their technical documentation, totaling 950,000 words. However, this project had to be completed under a very tight schedule of 2 months. This volume of translation was approximately equal to 7,000 pages of text.

Alphatrad Worldwide’s in-house CAT and IT tools enabled us to reduce the text volume by 35% to approximately 618,000 words to be translated. To complete the project within the set deadline, Alphatrad Worldwide used 14 screened and approved professional translators/reviewers working in shifts over the 8 weeks period.

Key factors to the successful completion of this project:

  • Alphatrad Worldwide’s CAT and IT proprietary tools dropped the text volume through matching by 58%
  • The use of Alphatrad Worldwide’s terms extraction tools to extract the text from a large number of resources and doc files, providing it to the translators as plain text and .doc/.xls files
  • Alphatrad Worldwide’s access to reliable and specialized professional translators who were able to handle this high level of technical material under tight deadlines
  • Alphatrad Worldwide proven project management system allowing our 14 translators/reviewers to work together in order to deliver top quality translations
  • Translators and reviewers did not have to use any particular software as all the file conversion was performed by Alphatrad Worldwide software, and the text for translation was delivered to the translators in an open format, resulting in a much larger team of available language professionals
  • Alphatrad Worldwide commitment to deliver affordable and high quality translation services and solutions to meet our customers’ translation and localization needs.