Alphatrad Worldwide Welcomes Judgment of EU Case no. T-538/12

european law concept illustration designAlphatrad Worldwide warmly welcomes the judgment findings of case no. T-538/12, which restates our brand legitimate strength and widespread recognition on the language services market.

On 16/01/2014, the General Court of the European Union confirmed the two previous rulings of OHIM’s Cancellation Division and Board of Appeal – issued respectively on 30 June, 2010 and 8 October, 2012 – which revoked the trademark owned by a Swiss company, whose repeated attempts to predate the IP rights of our rock-solid brand and strong reputation have proved to be unsuccessful and fruitless over the course of the last years.

It is is a remarkable news and great accomplishment for the continued success of our company

– said our CEO – who won a legal battle waged for a number of years on behalf of our company.

On 17/01/2014, the EU General Court published the findings of the concerned judgment in French, which on 17/03/2014 acquired the authority of res judicata in all 28 member countries’ jurisdiction of the European Union.

A summary in English of case no. T-538/12 was also published by a series of well-known patent attorneys and IP experts all over Europe, notably by MARQUES and Patentanwaltskanzlei Dr. Reinert on Facebook.

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