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Exploring Massively Multilingual, Massive Neural Machine Translation

Exploring Massively Multilingual, Massive Neural Machine Translation “… perhaps the way [of translation] is to descend, from each language, down to the common base of human communication — the real but as yet undiscovered universal language — and then re-emerge by whatever particular route is convenient.” — Warren Weaver, 1949Over the last few years there has been […]


Background Preliminary numbers from Nimdzi’s 2019-2020 language services pricing study are rolling in, and we are understandably eager to begin reporting on our findings. The cost of language services is naturally a hot topic in our industry, and we don’t expect this to change. That’s why we didn’t want to make you wait while we […]

Embedding Localization in Digital Transformation

 Digital transformation and acceleration strategies may be thought of as being seamlessly global by default. On the one hand, digital is global by nature as it enables and empowers you to cross physical borders and grow your business beyond your horizon. On the other hand, embarking on such a journey does not mean that global […]